The Day of Your Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – On Your Surgery Day

This is the day you’ve awaited for years – the day that the gynecomastia will be removed and you will finally be free of the problem that has caused so much stress and anxiety.  It is absolutely normal to be nervous or apprehensive, just like before any surgery. We want you to know that you are in very experienced hands. It is imperative to read the booklet that we provide you with before the day of your surgery. You will have to sign a consent form for the surgery, anesthesia and permission for the photos.  If you are under 18, your parents will have to give their consent. Prior to surgery, Dr. Blau will make sure that you are prepared and understand what procedure will be performed.  If you have any last minute questions on the day of surgery, please ask.

Our surgical suite is equipped with the newest instrumentation. The anesthesiologist (when needed) is an experienced Board-Certified physician. Since over 95% of our procedures are gynecomastia surgery, please be assured that we are well-prepared and have everything in place to ensure an efficient and safe surgery.

Either local anesthesia or anesthesia with sedation will be done. The decision is yours and is made prior to surgery after your consultation.  If sedation will be done, you cannot eat or drink 6 hours prior to surgery.  Patients will will be given local anesthesia may eat before surgery.  When surgery is done with sedation, the anesthesiologist will prepare you and an IV will be started through which you will get your medications.  If local anesthesia is selected, you will feel mostly the initial injections. This kind of anesthesia is not for everyone and has to be discussed with Dr. Blau.

The average surgery lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, but may last longer in the event of a severe case or a patient who tends to bleed more. At the end of the surgery, Dr. Blau will apply a compression dressing to the chest area that  will remain in place for 3 to 5 days.