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Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
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by aviv amitai on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Gynecomastia surgery

I had the surgery on January 2018. After years of feeling discomfort with my body, not believing how simple it can be to resolve it, until I have heard about Dr Blau.
Coming from a family of physician, I couldn’t compromise about professionality, safety, and good results. Knowing I can only trust Dr Blau, I fly all the way from Israel to have it done by the best hands. It was worth it. The clinic is well equipped and very professional. I had a very good experience, with short and good recovery. The results now are absolutely FANTASTIC! I feel like a new person, and very confident about my body now.

by 3/15/2016 - John K. Philadelphia, PA on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
DR Blau has changed my life.

Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Blau because he has truly changed my life. I was dealing with gynecomastia for many years and those of you who are experiencing it now, know how not only embarrassing it can be but uncomfortable it can be also.

I had gynocomastia surgery 1 year ago and the results are incredible, which didn't surprise me for a second because Dr. Blau is the top gynecomastia surgeon in the country. Throughout the years of dealing with gynecomastia I did many consultations with many other surgeons and not one came close to Dr. Blau.

From the moment you call and make an appointment you feel like you are already being taken care of to the highest standard of quality. Dr. Blau's office staff is very friendly, understanding and extremely helpful. I made my appointment to speak with Dr. Blau, I went to see him in person for my consultation. He brought me right back into his office and talked with me about everything. He examined me and answered all the questions that I had about the surgery and gynecomastia in general.

Months later after my consultation I made the appointment to get the actual surgery. I arrived at Dr. Blau's office and I was very nervous, mainly because I have had problems with anesthesia in the past. But he assured me everything would go smooth and be absolutely okay. Which he was right, Dr. Blau's staff made me comfortable and the surgery went great, it felt like I was in and out in no time. After the surgery I constantly had questions and without hesitation Dr. Blau would answer them or I would go see him in person.

1 year later I really can't believe the results. You can't see any scars and not a single person has ever said anything or noticed even the slightest that I have had surgery. I am beyond happy about my results. Thank you Dr. Blau!

If you have detailed questions about my experience getting gynecomastia surgery, I would be more than happy to answer them, just contact me. You know you will be making the right choice going to Dr. Blau. He is nothing short of quality and pure excellence.

by Andrew M. on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Proud of my physique

I developed gynecomastia at age 12. As a tall, lean kid actively involved in athletics my whole life, living with “puffy nipples” was a horrible experience. It took its toll on me mentally and emotionally, as I was conscientious of how I looked in t-shirts year round. The summer months were especially dreadful- I never, ever wanted to take my shirt off in public. I was even apprehensive about taking it off in front of my family for years. It is safe to say that my teenage summers were wasted due to the fact that I was too afraid to get out and enjoy the activities most young males should be able to do no problem.

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I brought the issue up with my parents, who at first didn’t understand just how big of a deal it was to me. After seeing my physician who assured me that my chest would be normal within 2 years, I was disheartened because I knew, due to research, that what I had was permanent. At 18 I brought it up with my parents again, and mentioned seeing Dr. Blau. I wanted to see Dr. Blau because, through research, I found him to be among the best in the world with this procedure. My parents agreed and saved money; at 19, I had my procedure with Dr. Blau.

His office is extremely welcoming and personable. All the members of his office seem to understand where us men with the condition are coming from, and Dr. Blau knows what he is talking about. His knowledge and expertise becomes apparent immediately when talking to him, and I felt I was in good hands the entire time. The procedure itself took less than 45 minutes, involved no liposuction or general anesthesia, and within 3 days post-op I knew I was in for excellent results. It has now been one year post-op, and I could not be happier with the results! I am proud of my physique and am working as hard, if not harder, in the gym as I did before the surgery. I can assure you, go to Dr. Blau to correct your gynecomastia, you will not be disappointed and will have an enormous sense of relief and reward for a long time to come.

by Elbadee on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
My Son has new found confidence

My son had male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia. After a year of going back and forth to doctors (endo) and doing extensive research about gynecomastia my husband and I decided to play a waiting game to see if the issue would resolve itself with diet and exercise, it didn't. As my son dropped in body fat , we noticed that the nipple protrution looked slightly more obvious. He wouldn't take his shirt of at the beach or a water park. He began to wear to and three shirts at a time. He is an athlete, and this truly bothered him when his team would have to change into practice uniforms in the lockeroom. It all came to a head when his team was going away for an overnight trip. Even though he wanted to go on the trip he did not want his condition to be exposed. At this point we felt like we could wait no longer.

We researched and interviewd several plastic surgeons. We watched a video Dr. Blau and his staff placed on the internet. Upon meeting him and his staff we found they are truely as kind and caring as they appear in the video. That kindness coupled with the decades of experience in the surgical correction of this condition, and the number of highly satisfied patients he has treated with this condition won our confidence.

As we drove home we discussed how we felt about the consultation. All our criteria had been met , clean office and examining room, friendly and considerat staff. compation and knowledge on the part of the surgeon. Needless to say we scheduled an appointment as soon as we got home.

My son's surgery went very well. He experienced very little swelling which went down rather quickly. it has been only six weeks and my son is like a new person. For the first time in three years he took his top off at the beach and was not in the least bit self conscious.

We could not be more pleased with the results and the treatment recieved from Dr. Blau. Without a doubt we would recommend Dr Blau to anyone in search for male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia.

by Robert Belleza on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Dr. Blau - The Artist of Surgery!

I developed gynecomastia during puberty and it affected my self confidence and self-esteem greatly. Being a three sport athlete in high school I trained frequently, but no matter how hard I trained I still suffered from “puffy nipples” / gynecomastia. As I grew older I always researched methods and treatments on how to correct the problem. Most of the articles I found said surgery was the best option. After researching plastic surgeons for approximately a year Dr. Blau was the man. I contacted his office and set up a consultation, before leaving I had my surgery booked. Dr. Blau is very passionate in what he does and wants his patients to be 100% satisfied with the results. I can say after 3 months Dr. Blau did a phenomenal job and I could not be happier with the results. He continues to follow up with his patients expressing his passion for what he does. If you are suffering from gynecomastia I would reccomend Dr. Blau you will not be disappointed!

by Sami S. on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Excellent Results & Amazing Experience!

I can totally understand the stress that everyone experiences in preparation to make a decision about cosmetic surgery (in my case gynecomastia). I searched for many physicians, and finally decided on Dr. Blau. What initially attracted me to Dr. Blau is the great amount of procedures that he has completed and illustrated on his website. It was my opinion that this man was the most experienced surgeon regarding this specialty. I was not disappointed! It was very easy to book an appointment and schedule the procedure. I never once felt rushed or pressured. The staff was really nice, accommodating, and the results were fantastic without any complications. I would highly recommend Dr. Blau to anyone seriously considering this procedure. You will be thrilled that you did it!

by Tom on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
No more puffy nipples

4 months ago I underwent gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Blau to deal with puffy nipples. I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised with the results. I knew in looking at the over 2000 before and after pictures on his website that there was high likelihood of success, but I'm even happier than I expected. Both nipples are perfectly flush with my chest, and there's almost no sign of any surgery at all. I just got back from a week beach vacation with my family, and they all commented on how in-shape I looked, and of course, didn't notice or mention any signs of surgery.

Most here have mentioned Dr. Blau's willingness to take time and answer questions. I just want to underscore this point. Probably the biggest fear I had was that I wouldn't be able to really fully understand the surgery, the risks, the recovery, what I'd be able to do in the gym, when, etc. He answered all the questions and didn't once seem in a rush to get to the next patient.

He's also been great during the follow-up appointments. In one of them I mentioned that I could feel a bit of slightly harder scarring underneath the nipple. I didn't expect Dr. Blau to be able to do anything about it. But he quickly applied a couple painless injections that completely removed the harder tissue underneath, shrunk the nipple even further, and made the entire area more comfortable to the touch -- all in just a couple days.

I'm not the type of person who makes decisions about stuff like this without a TON of research. Go online and look for yourself -- there isn't anyone with this level of expertise and satisfaction from patients. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who is considering gynecomastia surgery.

by Paul on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Successful revision surgery with Dr. Blau

I currently underwent gynecomastia surgery which I had to have after a well-known doctor botched the entire session not only costing me pain, suffering and ultimately money! After doing the research and finding Dr. Blau we began to discuss the steps needed to correct the previous surgery. Dr. Blau was not only attentive to my concerns, transparent with what the potential outcome of the corrective surgery would be, but was extremely sensitive to my fear, confusion and overall apprehension regarding the procedure. He took time to listen to my questions and made sure I understood every phase of the surgery minimizing the confusion, physiological frustration and increasing my comfort level to the point where I was confident I had made the right choice when selecting him as my surgeon. It also helped me physiologically to see that there were other medical professionals visiting Dr. Blau. I figured “if doctors were coming to him for consultation I’m sure I’ll be fine”. On the day of the operation the level of sensitivity, professionalism and the caring and supportive atmosphere from the entire staff reaffirmed to me that I had made the right choice. During my post-op visit Dr. Blau was sensitive to all my needs reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. He went out of his way to provide documented follow-up scenarios to demonstrate how the healing would vary from person to person Dr. Blau’s skillful hand and masterful approach to my surgical need has made a tremendously positive difference in my health, physical perception and overall life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Blau to anyone just to avoid having to do this surgery twice like I did. Thanks Dr. Blau!!!

by James on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Dr. Blau is the best.

Dr. Blau is the best. I had surgery for Gynecomastia on October 23, 2007. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the entire surgery experience. Minimal discomfort/assumed normal activities shortly after surgery. I had one minor (very minor) lump in the years after surgery and true to his word Dr. Blau performed a minor revision surgery on me free of charge in June of 2010. I am 100% satisfied with Dr.Blau, the outcome and if you are considering this surgery, look no further. Dr. Blau is the pioneer and master in the field. He and his staff are amazing.

by NYCreviewer26 on Mordcai Blau, MD, PC
Rest Assured with Dr. Blau

Rest Assured with Dr. Blau – I visited Dr. Blau for gynecomastia surgery. Developing gynecomastia can be an emotional experience; especially for someone like myself who eats extremely healthy and frequents the gym 5 times a week. However, Dr. Blau does hundreds of these surgeries a year and has done thousands of these surgeries throughout his career, so he is definitely the best choice when choosing to have this type of surgery.

For me, he recommended doing the surgery with only a local anesthetic instead of being sedated as other surgeons I had consultations with suggested. Surgery was relatively quick without sedation; It took longer to wait for the local to fully kick in than it did to make the incision and remove the extra tissue. I was even allowed to wear my own clothes and simply take off my shirt for surgery. After surgery, I was then wrapped in a tight ace bandage and if you follow his instructions to take it easy then you can have this removed in as little as 5 days as i did. No garments to wear for 6 weeks as other surgeons insist. However, you can not do any heavy lifting or exercise as you don't to want to do any activity that could cause swelling. It is very nice to be able to not have to wear anything but band-aids covering the incisions (with me they oozed for about two weeks which Dr. Blau said was normal). I was a little sore for about a week following surgery and my chest started to feel normal again after about one month. I think it is very important to keep in mind that even though you may think you are healed enough to do some type of exercise, there is a lot of healing going on under the skin and if you wait at least 4 weeks you will have the best final results. For me I went back to the gym after 3 weeks and did only very light exercise at first then progressed as I felt no pressure anymore in my chest. I didn't do any chest exercises for 6 weeks and am happy now that I waited. Everyone heals at different rates, but go with your instinct.

Six months after the first surgery (I had one side done 3 months after the first) and I am 100% healed. The scar is small and seems to have gotten lighter each month. It is not very noticeable unless looking at it in certain bright lighting.

If you are someone like myself that takes good care of your body and suddenly develops gynecomastia then I would definitely recommend Dr. Blau. He will help you to look back to normal again and feel good about your body again. He does so many of these surgeries that it is extremely routine for him. I do not believe any other surgeon would do a better job.

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