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Dr. Mordcau Blau – Gynecomastia Surgeon

Information for Out of Town and International Patients

Because of Dr. Blau’s reputation as one of the world’s top gynecomastia surgeons, our practice consists of more than a third of patients who travel from great distances for gynecomastia surgery. About 150 patients per year travel from as far away as Europe (including England, Germany and Italy), the Middle East (including Kuwait, Quatar, United Arab Emirates),  Asia (including Australia, Japan, China and India), as well as patients who come from all over the United States, Canada and South and Central America.

In many of our revisional cases, patients have had poor results within their own countries and are seeking the best surgeon possible to help them with their condition. We have seen many referrals from our patients who have come to from abroad. Even with the time and cost, we find that patients who are able to afford to travel do so with confidence and return happy with their results.

For patients that are coming from a distance, we are able to assist them with local accommodations.  It is important to us to ensure their comfort and guide their expectations to a realistic result.

A small niche of our patients who travel to us for surgery are celebrities or are very wealthy. In these cases, privacy is an utmost concern and we will accommodate them to the best of our ability.

Dr. Blau provides remote consultations for patient convenience. We typically ask that a patient send us photos with frontal, side, and three-quarter views. After receiving these, Dr. Blau will schedule a telephone consultation.

Ritz Carlton, White Plains, NY

Ritz Carlton, White Plains, NY

Patients who are traveling to Westchester for surgery should expect to stay in the area for about five days. During your stay, Dr. Blau will typically check on the progress of your healing and the office staff will take care to assist you however possible.  Westchester, New York is a beautiful area of the United States and offers excellent accommodations such as the Ritz Carlton in White Plains, NY. Our office is only 30 minutes from New York City for those that would like to stay longer and take in the sights.