A Unique Gynecomastia Practice

When choosing a plastic surgeon, results matter.¬† We’d like to present ten unique facts that set apart Dr. Blau’s New York Gynecomastia Center from all the rest:

  1. In last three years (2011-2013) alone, we performed about 1000 gynecomastia surgeries, as reported to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics department.
  2. About 2% of all the gynecomastia surgeries in the US are performed in our office!
  3. We are a true “gynecomastia center,” About 95% of surgeries performed in our facility surgically correct gynecomastia.
  4. We report a recurrence rate of less than 1%: this is a huge contrast to plastic surgery statistics from the literature citing an average 10%-30% recurrence rate.
  5. We are a truly international practice: roughly 70 patients a year come from abroad, and over 100 patients a year visit us from other states.
  6. We successfully fix prior gynecomastia surgical errors. About 30% of our patients, ie. more then 100 a year, underwent surgery with other surgeons and came to us for revision.
  7. The before and after pictures of each patient are high quality, digital images shot from 3-5 different angles. (Fewer than this shows only partial good results). Altogether 2500 photos are displayed on our websites.
  8. We are proud to display Dr. Blau’s other art, including his paintings, sculptures and drawings in our office.
  9. A significant number of our patients are professional body builders, firefighters, navy seals and athletes from all over the globe.
  10. Dr. Blau is a board certified plastic surgeon who has developed novel gynecomastia surgery techniques honed by years of experience. He is now training board certified plastic surgeons in his facility.