When it come to choosing a plastic surgeon, a picture is worth a thousand words… results matter. Dr. Mordcai Blau is the world leader in the number of gynecomastia surgeries performed (over 5,000), as well as his success rate (less than 1% chance of recurrence), in over 25 years of practice. You will find thousands of before and after photographs of gynecomastia surgery patients displayed on Dr. Blau’s websites, more than any other surgeon. You will also find video testimonials and important information about gynecomastia surgery on this website. We invite you to look through the website and please contact us with any questions you might have.  If you are interested in learning more, consultations are available in person, over the phone or via email.

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Dr. Blau's feature on TLC (The Learning Channel)

Dr. Blau’s New York Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Blau's New York Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Blau’s New York Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Mordcai Blau is the world’s preeminent gynecomastia surgeon. To date, he has performed over 5,000 gynecomastia correction surgeries and is a leading authority on the procedure. He is the only surgeon who dedicates his practice to the surgical correction of gynecomastia, and in over 25 years of practice, his recurrence rate is less than 1%. (Current plastic surgery literature demonstrates an average recurrence rate of 10% to 35%.)

Because of Dr. Blau’s vast amount of expertise and experience, he is sought out by many high-profile patients (models, actors, physicians, surgeons, bodybuilders, politicians and others) who travel to New York from all over the world. Patients have traveled from as far away as Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia for surgery.  For patients in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and New England areas, Dr. Blau’s Gynecomastia Center is easily accessible, located just north of New York City, in White Plains, NY.